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Michael Jeffery Miller - Resume

4965 Indian Trail Road Keezletown Va. 22832


  • My name is Michael Miller. I am a junior consumer studies major at Virginia Tech. I am a varsity athlete and pole vault for the track team here. I am the 2nd born in a family of nine. Both these have helped me develop a good ability to lead others and make decisions in a wide variety of areas.
  • During the school year class work and practice take up my time so I do not work. In the summer, however, I work 2 jobs and and average of 70+ hours a week so that I can pay for school. I am a very hard worker and self-motivated.


  • I have always been good at getting inside people's heads and figuring out what they are thinking. I rarely find myself in an argument or dispute with friends or strangers and many times I act as a mediator. I attribute this to an ability to see things from both sides of a situation. I feel this skill could be put to use in a marketing field since I will better be able to know how to appeal to others.
  • I enjoy traveling and have no real strong ties to this area. Moving for work or having a job that requires traveling would not be a problem for me.
    • I did something fantastic!

Employment History

6/05, Now

East Rockingham Recreation Association

Harrisonburg, Va


  • I started working as a lifeguard my sophomore year of high school. I have now moved up to working as a supervisor
    • This involves opening and closing the pool, supervising guards, handling shift and schedule changes, dealing with patron problems/questions, ultimately being responsible for the safety of the guards and patrons as well as the smooth operation of the facility.
    • Some of the attributes I have gained while working here are how to manage an organization with 20 guards working under me, how to lead peers and friends without giving special privileges or damaging the relationship, and how to effectively and politely handle patrons who are less than pleasant.
  • In this job there are many times when I am the only person capable of handling a situation. It can range anywhere from having to fix a problem with the pumps or clorinators to solving a dispute between two parents to back boarding a spinal victim. Throughout all of these I have gained ability to problem solve, lead others, and keep a cool head when confronted with adversity.

6/06, Now

Great Eastern Resorts

Harrisonburg, Va


  • I lifeguard at Massanutten resort. I work at several pools but most of my time is spent at the waterpark. Most of my work is done on a rotation around different spots. The most taxing part of this is maintaining the focus required to successfully look out for patron’s safety on an 8-9 hour shift (sometimes as much as 14 hours). It also involves a wide variety of contact with many different types of people. Since my job many times requires me to tell patrons they cannot do something I have to be able to communicate effectively without being harsh or rude



Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Blacksburg, Va

Working towards a degree in Consumer Studies with a focus on Marketing and Management

  • I came to Virginia Tech as a part of the engineering program but after 2 years I decided that I would rather do something with my life that I enjoyed more and was naturally better at.
  • I am focussing on Marketing/Management because i feel I have an ability in these areas that will help me excel.